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The Ciuicì

The Gruppo Didattico Naturalistico Il “Ciuicì“, vernacular term that indicates the Coal Tit (Periparus ater [Linneus 1758] or Parus ater), born from the passion for Natural Sciences of its founders. The goal is to bring the greatest number of people, experienced and less experienced, to this wonderful world and promote the spread of knowledge of the naturalistic heritage. the ciuici

Components are professionals with several years of experience in the fields of natural and environmental education, who want to share with anyone interested in their knowledge about the nature and the ways to preserve it. The Group carries out activities of environmental education for schools and groups, excursions, activities of Birdwatching, photography courses and other complementary activities aimed at the discovery of nature as a whole.


Il “Ciuicì” is at your disposal with the following initiatives:

  • Environmental education
  • Photography courses
  • Birdwatching
  • Biowatching
  • Organization of naturalistic excursions
  • Environmental advice
  • Creation of environmental pathways and educational materials

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