THE CIUICI’ – Coal tit

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Ciuicì coal titCoal Tit (Periparus ater [Linneus 1758] or Parus ater)

We could not miss the presentation of our group symbol: the Ciuicì (Coal tit).

The Coal tit, symbol of Valle Brembana (BG – Italy), until a few years ago was considered the Bergamo houses canary with is characteristic singing, which explains the origin of the onomatopoeic dialect name: ciui-cì … ciui-cì … ciui-cì …

I’m particularly bond to this passerine as it was the nickname by which my grandfather, native of the upper Val Brembana, affectionately used to call me.

The “ciuicì” is sociable and restless, it moves in small flocks hopping between vegetation, mainly conifers.

Like other tits has a thin but sturdy beak which uses to feed on insects and seeds that extracts from the bark of the trees, once it took place in a coniferous forest it spends there his entire life.

Listen to his singing

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