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Among the many stereotypes to debunk there is also the nutrition of the birds, considered frugal and thrifty. “You eat like a bird,” you says, generally, of a person who barely feeds. Birds, however, are great eaters, who eat frequently and abundantly, as they have a very accelerated metabolism that prevents them from fat accumulation. Besides, this would constitute a real danger for them: indeed overweight prevent them from flying. Having a lightweight body is clearly essential for those beings who spend most of their time hovering in the air.


Birds have adapted to most disparate foods, there are carnivorous birds, vegetarian birds and birds with mixed feeding. But even within these three main categories exists an incredible variety of diets.

There are various types of beak, showing different adaptations by birds, occurred mainly in order to provide food according to their eating habits.

As Charles Darwin noted during his voyage to the Galapagos, the beaks of birds have evolved to adapt to ecological purposes in which they exist. For this reason, for example, predators have curved beaks for tearing flesh of carcasses, hummingbirds have long beaks and tapered to reach the nectar present in the most hidden of flowers, while the spoonbills have a beak with a form that allows them to filter the water getting food.

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