Birdgardening kit

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kit birdgardening kit


Bird feeder with base

The bird feeder is made entirely of solid wood. This is already treated with a protective product for wood and ready for outdoor use. The green painted roof is impregnated. In this way the feed inserted is effectively protected from rain and snow.
– Size: about 100 x 37 x 43 cm
– Feed surface: about 22 x 22 cm
– Weight: about 1,8 kg
– Material: painted wood
– Impregnated roof

Bird feeder with fixing clamp

Bird feeder, with clamp for fixing on balcony railing.
Perfect for those who want to do birdgardening but does not have a garden.
– 1 piece, offered in assorted colors (Pea Green / Gray).
– Size: about 20 x 20 x 23 cm.



Bird feeder to hang

The bird feeder is made entirely of solid wood. This is already impregnated and ready for external use. This protects the feed inserted. The thin net allows you to see well when it’s time to re-enter other feed. Removable roof to facilitate seed supply. A small support serves as a seat for the birds that from here can easily catch the seeds.
– Size: about 26 x 15 x 15 cm
– Cord length: about 18 cm
– Metal net: 7 x 7 mm
– Material: fir wood



Birdhouse. Artificial nest, light green, very stable. Easy to assemble, excellent quality. Ideal for birdgardening.
– Esschert Design brand product
– Size: about 17.9 cm x 18 cm x 32 cm.




Bat House

Bat House allows to offer hospitality to a couple of bats on the terrace or in the garden. Made of imported pine wood. Internal grooved surface to facilitate the landing of bats. When the bat leaves it during the winter it can be easily cleaned. It is advisable to place the bat-box as high as possible, no less than 4 meters, on the wall of the house or on a plant, leaving a free space around the house to allow the landing of bats.
– Size: cm 9 x 23 x h 33.



Bug hotel

A natural environment for the nesting and hibernation of ladybugs, solitary bees and many other beneficial insects. Made of untreated bamboo and waterproofed pine.
Indispensable for good birdgardening.
– Size: 20.2 x 12.7 x 11 cm.




Food for wild birds

Fat balls are suitable for feeding wild birds during the cold seasons. These balls are made from specially selected ingredients and offer high levels of nutrition and energy for all wild birds in your garden.
– Single weight of fat ball: about 90gr;
– Ingredients: sunflower seeds, sorghum, millet, broken wheat and corn, peanuts, calcium, animal fat;
– does not contain palm oil – high quality product;
– Complementary feed for garden birds;
OFFER FROM 36 BALLS OF FATS (6 packs of 540gr)

Seeds for wild birds

Grains for garden birds. The blends allow to combine the different nutritional qualities of these grains, offering birds a balanced and energetic nourishment.
– 1 bag of 5 kg.




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