Jewels, Necklaces and Pendants of natural hard stones

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Natural stone pendants and necklaces

The creativity of the members of our group has given rise to a series of jewels and costume jewelery made using natural semi-precious stones carefully worked and polished. Among the main varieties you will find: Agate, Chalcedony, Jasper, Labradorite, Tiger’s eye and Quartz. Let yourself be inspired by our creations to add a touch of color to your days.

To receive a quote, please complete the form, indicating the item code of each article you wish to purchase. You will receive an answer with all the necessary information within 24/48 hours.

Money Back Guarantee“. You can return items purchased within 14 days from the date of purchase. Refund will take place immediately after receiving the articles. Shipping costs (round trip) are charged to the buyer.

We ship to Italy with Traceable Package – Delivery in 3/5 working days – Reimbursement of packing and shipping costs: € 9 up to 10 kg, € 15 up to 20 kg.
Free shipping for expenses over € 100.

For shipments outside Italy, you will receive a quote for the cost of delivery together with the order confirmation request.

If you like you can find us on  negozio ebay


Natural stone pendants and necklaces


Pendants in natural semi-precious stones carefully worked and polished with a stainless steel ring. Ideal to give vent to your creativity and give life to splendid and colorful jewels.

  • 1 pendant       3,00 €
  • 3 pendants     8,00 €
  • 5 pendants    12,00 €

On request, waxed cotton cords with lobster clasp can also be purchased at a price of € 1,00 each.


Chemical formula: SiO2
Agate is a variety of chalcedony, a generic name given to quartz when it occurs in compact masses of microcrystalline silica with fibrous-oriented texture. When the agate is presented in flat and parallel bands, of contrasting color (light / dark), it takes the name of onyx.


Chemical formula: SiO2
Chalcedony is the generic name that is given to quartz when it occurs in compact masses of microcrystalline silica with a fibrous-oriented texture. The name derives from the Greek Χαλκηδών (Chalkedón), referring to Chalcedon, the ancient mining town of Bitinia (today Kadiköy, in Turkey) with a port on the Marmara Sea, in whose surroundings the material used to create ornaments was extracted. All varieties are considered hard stones and used for ornamental purposes, since ancient times, especially for the creation of cameos and carvings.


Chemical formula: SiO2
Jasper (a word that is of Persian origin, but also connected with the Greek-Latin iaspis, “mottled stone”) is a mono-mineralogical sedimentary rock, that is, formed from a single mineral, composed of Quartz, and often containing some impurities, usually iron compounds that give the rock lively colors, making it sought after as a semi-precious stone for processing in factories.


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